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The Delma Group Inc.


Welcome to the Investor Relations section of the Delma Group website. As an investor or potential investor in Delma Group Inc., you should know that the Company is committed to providing a high standard of corporate disclosure and to leading corporate governance practices.

To learn more about the Company and its strategy, please review the information on this website or by talking to one of the members of the Company’s Executive team.

For a complete listing information, please visit Delma Group’s quotation page at CSE:DLMA

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Transfer Agent, Registrar & Auditors

Transfer Agent and Registrar

TSX Trust
301-100 Adelaide Street West
Toronto ON M5H 4H1

Toll Free: 1 866 393-4891
T: 416 361-0930
F: 416 361-0470

Investor Inquiries: TMXEInvestorServices@tmx.com


Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
National Bank Tower
Suite 2000, 600 de la Gauchetiere Street West
Montreal, QC H3B 4L8

Share Structure

Share Capital Issued & Outstanding:

Class A common shares 8,860,568
Class B common shares 4,510,890
Total Shares Outstanding 13,371,458 (1)

Reserved for Issuance:

Warrants 6,775 (2)
Options 1,151,000 (3)
Total Shares Outstanding –
Fully Diluted


(1)  Management and insiders hold 3,443,875 CL A and 4,510,890 CL B common shares
(2)  Ex price $40.00, expiry January 27, 2019
(3) 1,000 Options with an Ex price $20.00 until Oct 31, 2021, 100,000 Options with an Ex price of $6.50 until July 17, 2019 and 1,050,000 Options with an Ex price of $6.50 until July 17, 2023.
Other Reports Disclosure Documents

The following continuous disclosure reports are available in PDF format. To view these reports, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ which is available for free download from the Adobe Web site.

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