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DELMA Management - providing real estate management services with proven results.

Business Summary

Delma Management Services Corp.

Delma Management Services Corp. manages the facilities and operations for all of Delma’s properties as well as for third party clients. By handling a large variety of real estate services in-house, the company is able to achieve a competitive advantage that translates into real savings. The Delma Management team is fully committed to providing the highest levels of exemplary service, environmental care, and health & safety protocols for all staff, subcontractors, visitors and clients for each of the properties it manages.

Investment Management:

Delma offers its clients a comprehensive range of investment services. These include; specific real estate investment analysis, negotiation, due diligence, purchase and sale transactions, and financing options.

Asset Management:

Delma’s objectives are to enhance asset value and improve investment returns. The diversity of the management team’s expertise and hands-on experience enables the execution of value creation strategies to achieve this goal. 

Construction / Development:

The company’s proactive approach is reflected in its procedures and operations by making safety an integral aspect in every job and throughout its workplace. Each step of a project – from conception to full occupancy – has been fine tuned and refined over the years.

Property Management:

Delma offers an all-inclusive property management service including full financial accounting and legal support, marketing and leasing. The company’s experience and hands-on approach ensure that each property performs to its maximum potential.

  • Commercial & Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Student Housing
  • Retirement Homes

Through its Hospitality Management Group, Delma also provides facilities management services to:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Short term rentals
  • Hospitality Projects

Delma’s Management Services Corp. currently operates in Canada, Europe and the Unities States.

Investment Management

Delma has found innovative solutions to and thus successes in both bull and bear real estate markets. The company’s success is based on many years of sound investment strategies and close adherence to the principals of good business ethics. Delma maintains a professional demeanor and offers a dedicated service to its clients and investors.

Investment analysis

Delma has an extensive process of evaluating for profitability and risk.

purchase & sale negotiations

Full attention to detail and agreement negotiations.

financing resources

Delma sources the most effective methods of financing requirements.

accounting & legal

A comprehensive accounting system and a full legal compliance.

Asset Management

Delma places the highest priority on maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of its clients and investors and the information of their holdings & operations.

legal & compliance

Through legal council, Delma maintains strict compliance protocols.


Only the best insurance policies are negotiated.

value creation

Innovative value creation strategies ensure higher returns.

Construction / Development

Delma’s approach to property development is a unique blend of disciplined project management and innovative vision. The company provides the highest quality and best value, which is evident in keen market analysis, attention to detail, contract negotiation, and strategic planning and implementation.

pre construction

  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Architect & Design
  • Zoning & Permiting
  • Materials Procurement


  • Site Preparation
  • Safety Oversight
  • Cash Management
  • Final Inspection

Property Management

Investors who entrust Delma with valuable assets are kept closely informed of performance and status of their real estate investments. Delma offers an all-inclusive property management service which include:

marketing & leasing

Delma adopts aggressive leasing strategies to achieve optimum occupancy levels.



Prompt and efficient processes and procedures ensure maximum financial returns.

repairs & maintenance

A comprehensive maintenance schedule enhances the value of its real estate assets.

tenant relations

Attracting valuable and reliable tenants ensure enhanced profitability.