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Our Business

The DELMA Advantage - a vertically integrated and geographically diversified approach.

Delma Business

Diversified Real Estate Investment & Development Company

Delma’s corporate structure and its business model have been designed to drive economies of scale and realize synergies through the company’s three main operating divisions; Real Estate, Hospitality, and Management Services. Each of these three divisions has a specific focus and are highly complementary to one another with the ability to generate significant profits individually.

Delma’s revenue producing properties generate:


  • Significant cash on cash return
  • An increase in equity through the return of capital
  • Appreciating property values

Horizontal Integration

Delma’s business is horizontally Integrated which includes real estate assets in retail space, multi-residential homes, senior homes, student housing, industrial buildings, office space and hospitality projects.

This results in:

  • The reduction of portfolio volatility and increases the resilience to economic downturns.
  • A better synergy between property types within mixed-use developments.
  • An unrestricted market-product matrix that offers attractive investment opportunities throughout the real estate cycles.

Vertical Integration

Delma’s business builds on itself; the company selects the investment opportunity, further develops the property to add value and then efficiently manages the operations.


  • This increases the diversification and scale of the portfolio
  • A mixed-use development improves attractiveness and coherence of the project
  • Reduces costs and enhances construction and value efficiencies.


The Delma Group’s business operates through three main divisions; Real Estate, Hospitality, and Management Services.