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About Us

The DELMA Team has decades of experience in development, acquisition and management.


The Delma Group Inc.

The Delma Group Inc. (“Delma”) is a multinational, owner-operator-developer-manager of quality properties and projects in North America and Europe.

Delma is distinctively integrated both vertically and horizontally and operates in the development, acquisition and management of multi-purpose real estate. The company’s portfolio includes; office space, retail space, residential buildings, and industrial buildings, as well as 26.5 million square feet of land for future development.

Headquartered in Montreal, the company was established in 2015 through the amalgamation of several highly successful real estate companies with operations dating back more than 27 years.

The founders of Delma have a broad expertise across international sectors and have demonstrated a history of creating significant value for shareholders by investing in development projects or acquiring under-valued assets and re-positioning these assets to generate substantial value that has consistently met management’s estimated ROI for shareholders.

Throughout its success, management has endeavoured to combine a flexible, entrepreneurial approach with a swift but rigorous investment process. This strategy is inherent in Delma’s current business model which strives to achieve low risk-adjusted returns with stable cash flows.

Delma aims to create diversified portfolios that are resilient to changing markets and macro-economic conditions, and to provide long-term returns that outperform the real estate industry.

The company is now pursuing a strategic phase of financing and expansion. It will continue to acquire more properties through mergers and acquisitions and develop millions of square feet of land with the goal of creating significant long-term value for its shareholders.

Our Corporate Goals

We strive to:

  • Become a leader in mixed-use real estate ownership, development and management, based on a creative and environmentally-sensitive approach.
  • Capitalize on established global networks to source investment and development opportunities.
  • Structure financial models to ensure long term profitability and resilience to market downturn.
  • Preserve exemplary governance and ethical practices.

Our Financial Goals


We hope to:

  • Build a high-yielding, $2 billion portfolio within 5 years.
  • Ensure sustained and solid returns to shareholders with annual dividend distribution starting in year 3.


Decades of Experience

Delma’s Executives and Senior Leadership Team have decades of combined experience in driving the portfolio value at the stages of acquisition, development and operations. The Management Team is fully committed and have invested over 85% of the capital in the Company as at the RTO Date.

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Long Standing Experience